Wild elves are the largest and most reclusive of the elven subspecies, and retain the closest relationship with nature. The feras retreated to the safety of the protective canopies of dense jungles during the Bloodmist, and as this environment was similar to that of the original elven lands, the feras underwent fewer evolutionary changes than their counterparts. As they inhabit a region most consider inhospitable, and consider themselves protectors of nature and guardians of the ancient elven ruins that are scattered throughout their lands, the wild elves are isolated and wary at best of outsiders, and as the land provides everything that they need, they are content to remain that way.

Personality Edit

Physical Description Edit

Relations Edit

Alignment Edit

Wild elves tend toward Chaotic ethical alignments and Good moral alignments. A wild elf is rarely evil.

Lands Edit

Religion Edit

Language Edit

Wild elves speak the feral dialect of Elvish (which can be equated to Romanian).

Names Edit

Male Names:

Female Names:

Tribe Names:

Adventurers Edit

Wild Elf Traits Edit

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